The best tips for buying your new furniture

Home Center is happy to help you make a choice for your new furniture. Are you looking for a new couch, does your bookcase need to be replaced or are you tired of those dining room chairs? Discover the tips below for buying your new interior.

1 * Tips for buying a couch

For many people, searching for the ideal sofa is like searching for a pin in a haystack. That’s why Home Center is happy to help you with that. Below you will find a number of simple tips with which you can find the optimum sofa for your interior:

  • Measure the area where the sofa will be. Measure this space exactly, darling. Otherwise the bank can be larger than the available space. If you have found a sofa that suits you, mimic the shape of the sofa in your living room. You can do this, for example, by laying newspapers or magazines on the floor. In this way you can reasonably estimate whether the sofa fits in your house in terms of size.
  • Also consider the walking space around the couch. Is there still enough walking space around the couch?
  • What is the bank’s function? What do you want to use the sofa for? If it becomes an active sofa, go for a sofa with a relatively short seating area. Are you still looking for a relax couch? Then it is wise to opt for a deeper sofa with often softer cushions.
  • How sturdy or how soft should the sofa be and feel? This too has to do with the function. An active bank is usually a more robust bank. A sofa that feels soft to the touch often falls under the category lounge sofas. Also called relax couches.
  • Do you have children and / or pets? Keep this in mind when choosing the upholstery. Choose a covering with stains and hairs that are easy to remove. Ask our staff for advice.
  • Take into account the location of the bank. -How is the light there? Which colors are used there?
  • What interior style do you have in your living room? Rural, industrial, design or classic? Adjust the style, color and shape of the sofa to your interior style.
  • Do you need advice on this? Ask our interior stylists, they can give you expert advice about your ideal sofa.
    -Do you want to change your interior often? Then choose a bank made up of elements. You can place this sofa as a whole, but you can also use it as individual elements.
    -If the sofa is placed in front of a window, it is better to choose a lower model than a higher model sofa. -If you choose a sofa model that is too high, it will be too far above the window.
    -Come test sitting in various benches. That is the only way you can find out how a bank actually sits or lies.

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2 * Tips for buying an armchair

An armchair is usually a supplement to your seating area. But an armchair is also very suitable in a small room that does not fit a sofa. An armchair is often described as a lazy chair, but the most important thing is that the chair is comfortable. With the following tips you can find a suitable comfortable seat for your living room:

  • -What is the function of the armchair? Should it be a relax armchair, a swivel armchair or a ‘standard’ armchair? Every person has their own wishes.
  • What kind of fabric do you choose? Do you go for a leather, fabric or a rattan armchair. The last period, rattan is again on the rise, so you can also see this in the armchairs. In terms of price, it is cheaper to go for a fabric armchair, the disadvantage of fabric is that it is more sensitive to stains. If you are looking for an armchair that will last for a long time with good preservation, then it is wise to go for a leather armchair.
  • It is important that the chair fits properly. An armchair should sit comfortably, you buy this chair for your comfort. -This should keep your feet flat on the floor when you sit. The seat should not be too long, this can cause a squeeze in your knee and that is bad for the blood circulation in your legs. Also the chair should not be too high, if you only touch the floor with your toes, you can get cramps or sleeping legs.
  • Are you having difficulty getting out of your seat? Then it is wise to choose an armchair with a step function. This function helps you to get up from an armchair with less energy and strength.
  • Do you want a massage in your seat? This is also an option that is possible.
  • Do you want an adjustable armchair? If you like to sit with your feet up or with your back to the back, then opt for an adjustable armchair.
  • Do you have children and / or pets? Keep this in mind when choosing the upholstery. Choose a covering with stains and hairs that are easy to remove. Ask our staff for advice.

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3 * Tips for buying dining room chairs

What do you have to pay attention to when selecting dining room chairs? Home Center has listed a number of useful tips for you.

  • The height of the seat of the chair is a first point of attention. For this you need to take into account your own height, but also the height of the dining room table. On average the seat of the chair is 45 cm high. If you are taller than average, you should take this into account. This seat is usually too high for children. To solve that problem, you can opt for height-adjustable dining room chairs. The height of a dining room table is on average 74 cm high, you should also take this into account.
  • You can choose dining room seats with or without backrest. Seats with a backrest are comfortable. You can sit back and relax with these chairs. However, when choosing these chairs, you must consider the height of the table. Opt for chairs that can still be placed under your table, then you can move the chair under the table.
  • When choosing the upholstery of the seats it is important to consider who will use them. – Are the chairs frequently used by children and do you have pets? Then the dining room seats can quickly become dirty. Then choose a strong fabric on which you will not see the stains quickly and which you can easily clean. You won’t notice stains on a dark fabric and leather dining room chairs are easy to keep clean. Leather is also a strong material.
  • Dining room chairs on wheels are especially pleasant on a hard surface, such as parquet, laminate or tiles. You are quickly maneuverable on these seats.
  • Dining room chairs are available in various living styles. You have modern, classic, industrial but also country and romantic dining room chairs. The dining room chairs are an asset to your interior if they match the style you used in the rest of your living room.
  • The cleaning of the seats is also an important point of attention. Before purchasing, check whether the materials you have chosen are easy to clean. The maintenance of the seats is also important for the service life. The better you can maintain the seats, the longer they will last.

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4 * Tips for buying a cupboard

Before you have found a suitable cupboard for your living room (or other space in your house), you can use some tips. Determine the function of the cabinet, should it be functional or decorative? What kind of material and also what color fits the rest of your interior? Also think of the style of your interior, the cupboard must also fit in with this. A rural cupboard belongs in a rural interior. Below you will find a number of useful tips that you can use when purchasing a cupboard.

  • Determine where the cupboard will be, how much space do you have for the cupboard? Measure the length, width and depth. Bear in mind that there must also be walking space around the cupboard. Therefore choose a cupboard that is slightly smaller than the available space.
  • What is the function of the cabinet; are you going to use the cabinet functionally or more as a decoration. A storage cupboard is an example of a functional cupboard. This is made to store a lot of things, usually because the cabinet has various drawers, shelves and / or hanging elements. A dresser or display case is often used to display decorations or other valuables. If you opt for a combination of functional and decorative, the bookcase is an ideal case for that. You can store stuff (and especially books) in it, but also show your decoration in the open areas of the cupboard.
  • Determine before you go shopping, your budget for the cupboard. This way you will not easily be confronted with surprises.
  • What material do you prefer? Wood, glass, metal or stainless steel. You can choose from various materials. -What type of material you choose depends on the function of the cupboard but also on the style. An oak wooden cabinet fits perfectly in a classic interior.
  • In contrast, an open cabinet made of a combination of wood and stainless steel fits very well in an industrial interior.
  • The style you choose must match the rest of your interior. If you are going to look at cupboards, it is advisable to take photos of the rest of the interior. If you keep these photos next to the cupboard, you’ll immediately see if it fits in your interior.

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5 * Tips for buying a dining table

Do you need a new dining table? A table is an important element in your dining room. That is why it is important that you take the time to sort it out. Below you will find some easy tips that you can use when purchasing a new table.

  • A dining table must be functional. Are you looking for a living table, then it is wise to go for a larger table. Do you have limited space in your house for a table? Then opt for a smaller dining table or go for a bar table.
  • Very important to take into account is the maximum size of the dining table. To avoid disappointment, it is wise to check the dimensions of your table and room well in advance. After all, a new table must fit in your house.
  • Where do you want to put the dining table? The location of the table determines the type of table and (possibly) the seats that can be reached. When you buy a new table, take into account the seats that will be added. The seats must not touch the wall, as a result they are damaged quickly and are not convenient to use. The seats at the table need at least one meter of space to the rear. Now measure the space that you want to use to place the table. Then remove the space from the seats plus one meter. You can use the space that you have left for the new table.
  • The height of the dining table also influences when purchasing a table. Take the chairs into account at the height of the table. It must be possible to slide the chairs under the table for optimum use of the table.
  • A dining table comes in various forms; square, rectangular, round or oval. A rectangular or a square table is easiest to fit into a living room. The chairs are positioned tightly underneath and you can possibly place the table with the front end against a wall. This is not possible with round or oval tables.
  • These need more space, because they must be placed properly free-standing. So that there is walking space and seating for the table and the chairs.
  • What is also important when choosing a new dining table is that the table fits in with the rest of your interior. This concerns the color, the type of material, and the style. The style of your dining room table is very important, not only does it have to match the rest of your house. You also have to like the style of the table. The material of your table is also decisive. Do you prefer wood, metal or rather stainless steel. Every material has its own appearance. Wood fits well in a rural, classic and romantic interior. If you choose stainless steel or metal, you give the table a modern and industrial look.
  • Make sure you are comfortable at a dining table. Before you buy a table, try the dining table well and feel whether the relationship between chair and table height fits you well.

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6 * Tips for buying a cot

Your child needs a good night’s sleep in order to function properly every day. That is why a good child’s bed is very important. A toddler who is about two to three years old, he / she switches to a large bed. Buying a cot is not easy; do you opt for a large bed of two meters or do you want an intermediate bed. The tips below can help you if you are going to buy a cot.

  • The size of the bed is very important when choosing a cot. Buy the bed for growth, it would be a shame if you had to buy a new child’s bed again in a year. When purchasing a cot, you can opt for a single bed. A child’s bed is on average two meters long and ninety centimeters wide. But if you find that a bit too large, you can opt for an intermediate size. That bed has a length of approximately 1.65 meters. A third option for a cot that grows with your child is a pull-out cot. You can extend the bed by pulling it out, making the bed a minimum of 1.40 meters and a maximum of 2 meters.
  • The bottom of the bed is also important. Choose a flat, sturdy floor that ventilates. A slatted base is an example of a well-ventilated base. The bottom must also be flat and sturdy, it should not sag easily. You can test this by, for example, sitting on the bed yourself and checking whether it sinks.
  • Also remember that there are no sharp edges and corners on the bed. If you buy a bed made of wood, it is advisable to check whether the wood is firm and if there are no splinters in the wood.
  • In addition to the bed frame, a mattress is also important for children. The mattress must be at least 8 cm thick and it must be firm. Why can’t the mattress be soft? Your child can press his / her face into the mattress and then choke. The best thing to do is to buy a mattress made of polyether and the mattress must also fit into the frame of the cot.

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7 * Tips for buying a box spring

What is a box spring? A box spring consists of three elements: a mattress, a bed base and a wooden or steel frame. The bed base is usually covered with fabric. The mattress will be placed on top of the bed base. There are a number of large springs in the bed base, which ensures a resilient interior.

The difference in quality between box springs is huge. The type of springs, the number of pocket springs, the frame of the box spring, the type of mattress … all these elements that contribute to good or bad quality. What should you pay attention to when you want to purchase a box spring?

  • When buying a box spring, pay attention to the dimensions, because many dimensions are possible. There are different sizes for both the bed base and the mattress. – Box springs are available in single and double beds. The standard length of a box spring is 200 cm, but usually the length 210 or 220 cm is also available.
  • The size of the box spring is also important when placing the bed. After all, the mattress and the bed base must fit through all doors and you must also be able to bring the box spring up the stairs. -Ask in the store what the dimensions of the packages are, so that you know for sure that they can end up in your bedroom.
  • When making a choice for a certain box spring, first choose the frame. Do you prefer a wooden or steel frame?
  • What bed base do you want? Will it be a wooden or steel base? A steel bottom gives more sturdiness than a wooden bottom.
  • Did you choose the frame and bed base? Then choose from a mattress. If you buy a mattress for your box spring, it is best to go for a pocket mattress or an innerspring mattress. With such a mattress you ensure that your weight is well distributed on the mattress and in addition, the mattress offers good body support.
  • A box spring is always provided with a cover. You must be careful that it is removable and can be cleaned.
  • A box spring can carry a certain weight, usually this is 100-120 kg. Ask the seller for advice in this area.
    -Before you buy a new box spring, it is very important to test bed. You can use the following tips for test lying:
    Go rested test lying. Every bed is great when you’re tired.
  • Lie down in your favorite sleeping position, is this okay?
    Do you also have a new pillow? Test this at the same time as the test bed.
    Try also to get up from bed. Is this easy? Do not try to use your hands. You must be able to get out of bed easily.
  • Go test beds on the mattress and the floor that you are planning to buy.
  • Can you turn around in the bed easily? This should take little effort so that you do not wake up when you change positions.

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8 * Tips for buying lamps

The right light in your interior is very important. Light can make or break your interior. Therefore, spend time and energy figuring out your lighting. We can help you with the tips below.

  • Determine the functions and the effect of the lighting. View per room what you do there and which light you can best use with it. Do you use the space to sleep, read or work. For example, you need little light in the bedroom, this light should create a comfortable feeling. But in the bathroom and the kitchen you need more bright and bright light. If you have a room that has multiple functions, a dimmer is handy. With this you can play with the intensity of the light.
  • Select the type of lighting; you have basic lighting and functional lighting, but also mood lighting. Basic lighting is often used. This is light which uniformly illuminates the entire space. Think of a ceiling lamp or a hanging lamp. Functional lighting, also called task lighting, is a beam of light that is focused in one place. For example a table lamp, a wall lamp or a reading lamp. Atmospheric lighting falls between task lighting and basic lighting. Atmosphere lighting is also often called accent lighting, it gives an accent to your interior. It emphasizes certain things in the interior, such as a painting, pillars or a niche.
  • Choose the light sources and light intensity. A light source is the lamp that you place in the lamp, so where the light actually comes out. You determine the light intensity by means of the number of watts of a lamp. With the help of a dimmer you can determine the light intensity in your room yourself.

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