The 5 absolute don’ts when designing your interior!

You will recognize yourself in the following. You want a nice stylish interior, only where do you start? Your interior is an abundance of things and you just don’t know how to create your dream interior. This is because you probably do not yet know exactly what you should and should not do. That is why we have listed the five most common mistakes especially for you.

1 # Not knowing what type of home you are

Knowing what type of living you are is the basis of a dream interior. They sometimes say that your interior is the reflection of your personality. Only what exactly do you like and what type of accommodation are you? Go find out! Dive into your wishes and do not look at what others do. Ultimately, your home must become your dream home!

2 # Too many accessories

You will certainly be familiar with this. You are not satisfied with your interior, so you think you can solve it with nice home accessories. Only this is certainly not always the solution! Too many accessories or furniture can cause an uncluttered feeling and unrest. So get some of these things from your house. You will see that this small change already gives a lot more peace.

3 # Buy impulsively

Everyone is sometimes guilty of it. The impulsive purchase of furniture and accessories. In the store you often think that this item fits perfectly in your interior, but that often turns out not to be the case after a while. Therefore, take the time to look at what really fits together.

4 # Showroom feeling

Many interior styles are beautiful on photos, but still lack that personal touch. Therefore, do not take over someone’s interior, but give it your own twist. It doesn’t have to look perfect. It gives extra atmosphere when you bring your own contribution to the interior.

5 # First the wall, then the furniture

You often see that in an interior the paint for the wall is selected first and then the furniture. Is it not much easier to reverse this? It is much easier to find a color that matches the furniture than the other way around. You may know this problem. You have just found the perfect color for the wall, but you can’t find any furniture that matches that. Therefore, first purchase your furniture and only then look at the color of the room.

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