The 3 ultimate trends for the modern living style

Do you also love the luxurious atmosphere that you always see at restaurants and hotels? But you have no idea how you can create this yourself at home? You are not the only one and that is why we have listed three different modern living styles for you.

1: Mid century modern

Mid century modern is the best of both worlds: retro and chic. With this living style you can see very strongly the influences of vintage Scandinavian design. The color palette is fairly neutral at mid century modern, with a pop or color here and there. Vintage furniture is incredibly beautiful and if you know how to pick up a Danish 1950s cupboard then you can really praise yourself happily. However, these pieces of furniture are becoming increasingly scarce these days and therefore often quite expensive. Of course we all want a design classic, but to find one that is still in good condition is often quite a challenge. To decorate your house in the mid-century modern style – without going bankrupt right away – we have a nice tip for you: Buy retro furniture and supplement it with cyclical happiness. This way you can mix and match nicely with different things and make it as expensive as you want!

2: Hotel chic

What could be better than waking up rested in a hotel room with a wonderful bed? Nothing right? How about experiencing the hotel feeling every day? Decorating your bedroom in the hotel chic style makes it very easy! First of all, make sure you have a tidy bedroom. Stay with the essentials; a bed, bedside table, wardrobe and possibly an armchair or dresser. That’s it, so put that ironing board somewhere else! Do you have trouble thinking what exactly belongs in your bedroom and what doesn’t? Imagine a relaxing hotel room, and you can start decorating on the basis of this picture.

3: Eclectic

An eclectic look is not for everyone, you really have to dare to make a statement. Combine colors, materials, prints, over the top decoration with each other and your eclectic interior style is born. Because you can go so many directions in terms of colors and style, you will not easily find someone else with the same interior! Imagine your interior is still very boring and you want a little more spice in it. Then you could very safely opt for a pillow with print or a poster. But do you really want a big effect? Then opt for a cool print on the wall, using very cool wallpaper or paint your wall with different color areas!

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