Single and looking for a relationship? Here’s 6 tips to change that

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You are single and you are looking for a relationship. Although today there are a lot of tools to find the ideal partner, it is not always self-evident to start the search over and over again. You are disappointed, you end up in a rollercoaster of emotions and in the end you are still alone. Veronique from the Altero relationship agency gives some tips to find your prince or princess on the white horse.

Become your own dating coach in 6 steps

A new partner does not automatically come into your living room. You can already be sure of that. You will therefore have to invest time and energy. Every experience is one step further in the search for a partner, so see an experience as something that helps you in your search. As a single, there are six important factors to take into account when looking for a partner. We will explain that for you.

1-Give your search priority and save neither time nor money

Make time for dating. Looking for a partner is not just a side issue or something you do in between. You have to be busy with it and you have to give it priority. If you do not make time for a potential partner, you will never have the opportunity to build feelings.

You make time to meet in different locations and in different contexts. So you can date in the real world, but also send messages or become a member of a dating app, make phone calls with others, visit a relationship agency or go on a weekend with singles. So you will also have to put money in it, for example for a trip or to give a small gift. With that you even have to literally invest in finding a partner.

Do you think it will be nothing in advance? This is how you sabotage your own happiness.

2-Trust that it will succeed

When you’re something what do you truly expect? Many singles have negative thoughts about it beforehand, which means they will not behave hopefully. That way you are, without realizing it, the saboteur of your happiness. A person who leaves with the intention of forming a happy couple will also radiate that. Positive thoughts create positive actions. Those who do not believe in it have no chance. Whoever does believe doubles their chances of success.

3-Do not limit yourself to your ideal image

A lot of singles know what they want. Women want a man who is taller than them, men fixate on women with size 38. They also indicate this in their preferences on dating apps, at relationship agencies and even at parties they only address people who meet that ideal image. It may seem that you can achieve faster results because you immediately exclude some of the potential partners. But what if you just put that one soulmate aside 2 centimeters smaller than you?

Try to focus on the relationship that you can develop with someone, not the person himself. You can only find out how that relationship develops by giving it a chance. If a relationship is good, you will see how superficial those requirements are.

4-Don’t run too fast

Finally the time has come, you have found someone with whom it clicks well. You are enthusiastic and you expect a lot from the future. But perhaps your expectations are different from those of your partner. Starting relationships are sometimes misjudged and if it turns out that your partner thinks differently, you can fall very deeply. If you run too fast, you will not always see the negative sides of your partner. If they come up after a while, it will come hard.

“Doesn’t someone answer your ideal image from head to toe? Don’t write him or her off too quickly.”

A relationship is not just love. That is why it is important to view the future in a rational and sober way. Be sure not to be too strict, don’t write someone down too quickly, but try to look at your relationship soberly. Try to avoid stress and develop a calm, sober vision for the future. This way you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises and you will avoid sadness.

5-Dating via an app? Or just a relationship agency? Choose wisely!

woman-2937216_640The way you approach a potential partner is important. Today there is a range of options for finding a partner. For one, a dating app works well, the other would prefer to find his partner at a café. Some people have a large social network where they keep getting to know new people. That social network is also a dating tool. Or think of a relationship agency, sports clubs, hobbies, dating apps, single events and group travel: all ways to find a partner.

What you prefer is different for everyone. Someone with a busy career will be helped more quickly by a relationship agency, while an adventurer is more likely to find a partner during a group trip for singles. Some people put everything on everything through one means, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to use multiple means. Make sure you see the trees through the forest. Explore the means, experiment and choose wisely.

6 And now … action!

The last factor is action, a factor that applies to the five previous factors. Even though you know perfectly how to handle it and what attitude you will take, as long as you do not take action, nothing will happen.

For example, it often happens that you meet someone with whom you feel a click. You secretly dream of a bright future together. Unfortunately, that is often the case. That is why it is really important to take effective action. Only in this way can you find out whether that beautiful dream can also become reality. If you do not take action, you will keep wondering if it can become something and you will only make yourself mentally tired.

Is that not possible for you? Then call in a coach who can guide you and take action together with you.

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