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As an entrepreneur, I was strongly focused on making revenue, as a source for my income. But in recent years I have noticed that this way of thinking was wrong. I made little turnover, but due to all kinds of strange events (miracles) my income remained at the same level. I started investigating the phenomenon of money, abundance and the paradigms of entrepreneurship and came up with the following discoveries.

1-Money is life energy

Money is a means of exchange for labor and products obtained through labor. Money is therefore the most solidified form of life energy. By considering money in this way, my cash flow became a mirror for my life vision and way of life. Because of this I was confronted with the fact that I could not surrender to life. The fear of shortages and the possible consequences of that had me in hold. Was there a causal link between these phenomena? Did I have few customers and sales because I did not surrender to life? After a long time of research, my reason began to see this and I started to adjust my lifestyle.

2-Your lifestyle, cash flow and life flow

After I had gained much more freedom from scarcity thoughts and my uncertainties, my relationship with life began to change. I started to trust life more and to follow her impulses. Life turned out to present itself as (business) ideas that I feel in my heart and that I as an entrepreneur can shape and offer to the world as a business service. The next step turned out to be the most difficult for me: to continue to follow the flow and not to think that I should realize the business idea. To continue to feel and follow the connection with life, with my heart, in the process of shaping and implementation. I tend to forget this connection once I’m “good at work”. Life mirrored to me that in a hard way, with a lot of frustration, pain and powerlessness, feelings as a result did not lead to success or satisfaction. It took me a few years to understand the depth of this.

            – I now experience life as a stream of energy that is twofold: giving and receiving, ebb and flow, flowing in and out, etc. The idea that life wants to flow through me and express itself through me fascinates me as an entrepreneur. To follow what wants to unfold and shape it in the business world, to offer it with the confidence that life will then tell me what is best for me. That just doesn’t have to be what I want and that is why feelings of uncertainty often get a foothold. Difficult to deal with.

            -Recent I discovered that literally an energy stream from my heart wanted to go outside. I felt in my heart what could be followed and gave it shape. A big order came out of it and money flowed to me. That was the first time that I had consciously remained connected throughout the entire chain from idea to implementation, with the result that money came to me. Would it really work that way? Sometimes I think so, often I doubt. And yet, despite all the doubts, despite all the hassle that my new vision and style of life gives me, I no longer want to go deep down. The moments of happiness, of security, of feeling one with life, are moments that make me decide to continue on this path. They make me realize that there is at least a connection between the feeling of abundance and lifestyle.

3-Money is a means of expression, with money you express yourself.

You express yourself with purchases, gifts, work, etc. When purchasing or investing, you choose based on your values, sense of beauty, awareness of sustainability and respect for the environment. That in itself was mentally clear to me, but at the emotional level it was new, but immediately recognizable. Because I feel very well when, for example, the Miser makes the purchase in me or Mr Bommel in me who says “money does not play a role” or when I decide from my heart. With my purchases, gifts, saving behavior, investment decisions, I therefore express (parts of) myself. My possessions, house / company building, services and rates reflect my way of thinking, taste, size, money flow, etc. That was confronting when I looked at my possessions. I started to recognize the Schaerstedenker and the Spaarder privately, while I also saw the Bommel in my work. It was also clear that this expression function cannot be combined with interests such as being financially useful. Because I am either in my heart or in one of my little selves with a purchase, gift or other decisions regarding money matters.

4-Having money is neutral and clean: it can’t make you feel different

I believe I never had problems with having money. Money is neutral and clean. For me, money does not stink, generate desire or power, etc. Man does. It is about how you feel about it and how you deal with it. Money has long been seen by me as a means of controlling life, for obtaining certainty, status, power, pleasure or possessions. But even in my rich time, the money supply was never enough to wipe out my uncertainty. Especially as an entrepreneur, I experienced that I never had enough turnover to satisfy that deep fear of shortages. And so this became my motivation to make sales, in addition to the feeling of wanting to be important. All this was topped with a sauce of pleasure that creation gave me, so that these deeper motives were not felt for a long time.

5-Money must flow just like water

Just as stagnant water starts to rot, so does hoarded money. Depending on the situation, just like water, it wants to flow to the place where it is least. And at the same time there is the rhythm in nature of ebb and flow, of prosperity and adversity. I find it difficult to know how much I should set aside privately for emergencies and lean times, without exceeding the limit and the Oppotter takes over. In my rich time I gave a lot to charities and in retrospect, since the expensive years of my family still had to come, I sometimes think that De Bommel was in my hands at the time. As an entrepreneur, I saved because I had long-term plans. But here, too, I see events in which my discernment prevailed and situations in which one of the little little ones took over, such as the centric Miser.

6-Principles and factors that influence the flow of money

I don’t believe that life is that simple that you can name all the factors that explain why a certain entrepreneur is successful or not. Many entrepreneurs are staring blindly at the earthly, business laws of PR and marketing, sales efforts, hard work as the only means to attract (many) customers. But I have seen many entrepreneurs who did nothing about marketing and PR, worked normally and were nevertheless successful. Not because they had such a unique product or a monopoly position, but because they had a great deal of faith and went along with the flow of life. When I look at my own business past, I have had rich and poor times, where the market and my skills were the same, but in certain periods “happiness” was by my side and in other periods that happiness was lacking. My conclusion is therefore that there is more than business law.

            – As said, I believe that the way you deal with life, your life energy and money also play a role in your money flow. This attitude to life translates into listening to what your heart tells you, in a balance between giving and receiving, between being active and resting / recharging, in gratitude for what you have been allocated from life and the care for that. I believe that such an attitude of life rather invites life to give you wealth and at least a sense of abundance.

            – In addition, something like karma, your destiny, the agenda of your soul, or call it the measles factor. The mystery of life that I think is a little more complex than the many books about creation suggest. I firmly believe in the possibilities of creation of man, but I have experienced that there were many things unconscious in me that torpedoed my creative intention. A number of me have become aware through process work and have been transformed, but who knows what else I have unconsciously? Then I am talking about possible unconscious

8-If you run out of money:

go inside, feel, look for food and listen
I lean more and more to the idea that if money no longer flows to you, there is a leak in your life energy and / or your soul wants to tell you something or let you experience it. It helps me to go inside first. To feel and listen. Nourish myself spiritually. I read somewhere that money is just like love and illness gatekeepers. If one of these three comes up on your life’s path as a problem and you overcome it, you are initiated into a higher consciousness. With me the gatekeeper was money and struggling with it has indeed made me richer as a person.

9-Wealth versus abundance

My most important discovery is that wealth and sense of abundance are not the same. Wealth indicates how much money you have, but says nothing about your sense of well-being. Abundance is a state of mind, due to lifestyle. It gives satisfaction, peace of mind and strengthens you better against the vagaries of fate Now that I believe and experience this and the other principles of money more, I only realize what far-reaching consequences these have for each citizen’s work choice, spending pattern and saving behavior and for vision and course of entrepreneurs. More about this in the ’11 Propositions on money and experiencing abundance ‘more. I have decided to go for abundance. And you?

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