How to tell your pregnant

If you find out that you are pregnant, sharing the news is a big part of the anticipation. Whether you choose to announce the news with a bold, creative gesture, or gradually reveal it to all your loved ones, you will continue to remember these moments anyway. In this article you will find different approaches to how to tell your pregnant and share the joy with your family and friends.

1- Tell your partner

1-Choose an intimate conversation. Maybe you and your partner have tried for a long time to get pregnant, then you know that your news will bring tears of happiness. Or your pregnancy may be totally unplanned, then it will be just as big a shock to your partner as it was to you when you read the test positively. Anyway, perhaps an intimate and honest conversation is the best way to tell your partner.

  • In most cases, your partner must be the first person to whom you tell the news. You may be tempted to call your mother or best friend right away, but if you are in a relationship with someone else who will also be a parent of your baby, that person deserves to be the first to hear the news. -Try to be honest with your partner about your true feelings. If you are afraid of what is to come, share that feeling, just as you share the joy. You will need emotional support while you are pregnant and hopefully your partner will be able to give you this even at times when it all gets too much.

2-Reveal the news with a sweet or funny surprise. Maybe you want to bring the news in a creative way so that you can enjoy the expression on your partner’s face. Here are some great ideas to consider if you want to make your partner laugh:

  • Prepare a romantic dinner. Serve food with a baby theme, such as carrots and apple juice, presented in a drinking cup for babies. It will not be long before your partner understands the message.
  • Schedule a movie night and rent baby-related movies: “Nine Months”, “Look Who’s Talking” or “Babe”. Write your news on a piece of paper and put it in the DVD box. Hand over the box to your partner and you will see how the news brightens his or her face.
  • Give your partner a gift. Buy a T-shirt or coffee mug with the words “Best dad in the world” or “I love my mom” on it. Wait with a smile while he or she gets through the big news.
  • Order a cake from a bakery. Ask if the words “Congratulations on your pregnancy” can be written on it. You then ask your partner to pick up the cake for you and bring it home. When he or she asks who the cake is for, you say: “For us, we become parents!”

3-Be prepared for a series of responses. If this is an unexpected – and potentially unwanted – pregnancy, be as calm as possible and give the other person time to digest the news. A person’s first reaction is not always indicative of his or her true feelings.

2-Telling loved ones

1-Tell it when you are ready. Traditionally, women wait until the end of their first trimester before telling their pregnancy to others. Miscarriages are most common in the first trimester, after which the risk drops considerably. However, nowadays many women do not want to wait three months before they can finally receive congratulations and receive support from family and friends. Choose the time that seems most useful to you and your partner.

2-Tell your loved ones before you make the news public. It is nice to first tell the news to your family, your partner’s family and close friends, before you post the information on Facebook, Twitter or a public blog.

  • Consider telling the news personally to your loved ones or calling them individually. If you tell them by email or in a similar way, you will not hear their cries of joy and surprise!
  • Alternatively, you can make the news official by sending a card. It has become trendy to share the news through a pregnancy announcement, you can find it at most office bookstores.
  • If you want to see people’s reactions, wait for a family gathering and have everyone pose for a photo. Instead of letting everyone say “cheese”, say “I’m pregnant!” Just before you take a few photos.

3-Telling to the rest of the world

1-Make your announcement using social media. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can share the news by posting a pregnancy announcement, or a picture of yourself where people can see that you are pregnant. Some couples choose to place a photo from the first ultrasound.

  • Keep in mind that once you have put the information online, there is no control over who sees it. Wait to post the news until you are ready for everyone to know.

2-Take your workplace into account. Your friends at work will be happy to hear that you are pregnant, but there are a few extra things to think about when you inform your bosses and colleagues about your pregnancy.

  • First tell your boss before you tell the rest of your colleagues. It is common to wait until after the first trimester or even until the pregnancy becomes visible before you tell your boss that you are pregnant. If you have friends at work that you would like to tell the news before, arrange an appointment with your boss at an earlier stage
  • Investigate your company’s maternity leave policy so that you can have a well-considered conversation with your boss. Be prepared for questions about how your pregnancy will affect your performance at work and how much maternity leave you want to take.


1-Be prepared for some people to have negative or unpleasant reactions.

2-Pregnancy announcements evoke all kinds of different feelings in people.

3-Do not try to take it personally if someone has a nasty reaction.

4-Be creative and brainstorm about a number of ideas. Make the announcement the way you want. This is your child and you can have as much fun as you want!

5-The sooner you share the news, the sooner you can start planning the baby shower, choosing names and buying the necessary baby furniture and clothes. There is a lot to do in the nine months before your baby is born.

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