How To Have Sex During Pregnancy Pain.

Sex during pregnancy can have a deterrent effect, but many women believe that sex is just as satisfying as normal. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, it is safe to make love until your membranes break. However, there are certain customs and positions that you will want to change to make the experience as comfortable as possible. If you want to know more about sex during pregnancy, read on.

1-Know the basic facts

1-Talk to the doctor about any precautions. Sex during pregnancy is completely safe if you have a low-risk pregnancy with few complications. Your doctor will tell you if, for whatever reason, you should not have sex. You may be advised to avoid sex if the following applies to you:

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Loss of amniotic fluid
  • A history of premature labor
  • Other medical conditions

2-Know that sex during pregnancy is generally reasonably safe. One of the biggest concerns mothers and fathers have is that sex will hurt the baby, or that they will bump the baby, but there is no reason to suspect that. The cervix forms a barrier between her uterus and the vagina, leaving the baby wrapped in a pillow. This prevents damage. Most women can maintain a healthy and satisfying intimate relationship during their pregnancy. Even until just before they are calculated.

  • Consider discussing the subject during one of the prenatal discussions with the doctor. A little reassurance from the doctor will make both of you feel more at ease.

3-Understand that sex can feel different during pregnancy. Since pregnancy promotes blood flow to the pelvis, many women feel increased stimuli in their clitoris during sexual intercourse. Some women like this, while others don’t like it. The following changes could also take place:

  • A full feeling after sex
  • Abdominal cramping after sex
  • Sore nipples
  • More vaginal discharge

4-Know that orgasms can cause contraction and of the uterus. These contractions do not usually lead to contractions, but if you feel them for the first time then it can certainly confuse you. Orgasms do not usually lead to contractions, so there is no reason to avoid sex based on this.

5-Pretty safe. Sex during pregnancy does not differ much from normal sex in that respect. If you have more than one sexual partner or are at risk for an STD, always use a condom. If you are at risk for an infection, your baby will too.

2- Have pleasant sex

1-Choose a position that makes sex easier for both of you. If you and your partner both want to maintain a healthy sexual relationship during pregnancy, you will wonder which position is best. Especially now that your belly will grow and expand. The best advice is that you look beyond your nose and that you are creative. You will probably have to try different positions, and experiment a bit to find out which position works best.

  • Most women find it uncomfortable to make love to the missionary posture after the first, or midway through, the second trimester. The belly is already a lot bigger. Rather sit on top.
  • Many people find sex in a “spoon-spoon” position very pleasant during pregnancy.
  • Try to sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed while your partner is kneeling or standing.
  • Sitting on your hands and knees while your partner penetrates you from behind also works for many couples.

2-Use a lot of pillows. Pillows are your best friends for sex during pregnancy. Place them under your buttocks or other parts of your body to maneuver yourself into an easier position. If a certain position does not work, try adjusting the position of the cushions to create a better angle.

3-Try alternative forms of sex. Joint masturbation can be a satisfying and easy alternative to vaginal sex. Many women find this very nice in the final stages of their pregnancy. Others find that oral sex is an excellent alternative because it requires less exercise from the woman.

  • Please note that during oral sex the parter does not blow air into vagina: in very rare cases this could lead to air embolism. This can be harmful to the baby.
  • If your partner has oral herpes, he / she should use a mouthpiece during oral sex.
  • Anal sex is not recommended during pregnancy. This can lead to an infection that can spread to the vagina

4-Don’t force yourself anywhere. If sex does not feel good during pregnancy, do not force yourself to do so. Some women find it uncomfortable to have pregnant sex, and others experience a reduced sex drive. Do what feels right to you and make sure you communicate with your partner about this.


  • The best way to ensure that you and your partner stay intimate during pregnancy is through good communication. Let him know what you would like and what your partner can do about it.

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