How i lost weight during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, you assume that you will arrive well. Yet there are also women who lose weight during pregnancy, especially in the first months. Whether they want to lose weight during pregnancy.
But can that hurt? how to get rid of unhealthy weight during pregnancy?

Accidental weight loss during pregnancy

During the first months of your pregnancy, your weight gain should still be limited. However, it is also possible that your weight does not increase, but decreases, without you wanting to. This can have various reasons.


For the unintended weight loss during your pregnancy, both serious and innocent causes can be thought of:

Morning sickness. The well-known morning sickness can cause you to keep in little food or have little appetite. You can then lose the first months instead of gaining weight. Fortunately this usually resumes after 12 weeks.

Hyperemesis gravidarum. If you suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of extreme nausea with excessive vomiting, this will remain present longer and losing weight can have consequences for you and your child. Problems with the thyroid gland can also cause weight loss and risks for your pregnancy. In both cases, treatment by a gynecologist is required.
Fanatic sports. An innocent cause can be that you are a fanatic athlete, but now during your pregnancy suddenly less sport due to ailments or fatigue. This can cause muscle loss, which also means you lose weight.
What are you not allowed to eat during pregnancy?

Underweight and pregnancy

Are you already underweight prior to your pregnancy (a BMI below 18.5) and does it take a lot of effort to gain weight? Then it is possible that your baby will lack nutrients. It is therefore wise to discuss this with a healthcare professional at the start of your pregnancy. After a possible referral by your doctor or gynecologist, a dietitian can help you if necessary with a customized nutrition plan, so that you and your child can get through your pregnancy as healthy as possible.

Intended to lose weight during pregnancy

If you are already starting your pregnancy with obesity, you may not be so happy with the extra pounds that are coming. However, continuing with strict lines or starting with them is not wise now. You can, however,
limit increase in light.

Why strict lines are not healthy

Strict lines, such as with crash diets or diets that eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet, are not recommended during pregnancy. It is important that you and your child get enough essential nutrients and with extreme lines you run the risk that you will end up with this deficiency.

It was also long thought that the toxins stored in fat mass are released to a large extent if you lose a lot of kilos in a short time. This is more nuanced. Pollutants are released during fat burning, but much less than initially thought. As long as this happens gradually and in a responsible manner, for example through healthy food and sufficient exercise, it will do no harm. Conversely, following a crash diet is not recommended during your pregnancy.

How to lose weight during pregnancy?

How can you still lose weight in a healthy way? By ensuring that you arrive in a sensible way during a limited period during your pregnancy, you can achieve a net weight decrease.

 how does that work with the net weight reduction?

An example: suppose that based on your BMI, the expected normal weight gain is between 7 and 12 kg and you manage to limit your weight gain to 6 to 10 kg. After your pregnancy you will on balance lose a few kilos. There are also plenty of women who gain around 30 kg during pregnancy, so if you manage to fall below 12 kg, your profit is very big!

Living rules

By following a number of life rules, you can ensure that your weight does not get completely out of hand during your pregnancy. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Eat 250 grams of vegetables and 2 or 3 pieces of fruit daily. Are you not hungry in the evening? Instead, leave your potatoes (or rice or pasta) instead of your vegetables.
  • Make sure you eat enough bread, about 3-5 slices a day.
  • Take 2 or 3 times a day a glass of (karne) milk or a dish of unsweetened cottage cheese or yughurt.
  • Choose lean meat and low-fat dairy products.
  • Eat fish two times a week, of which one time fatty fish.
  • Do not eat too much liver or liver products such as liver sausage or liver cheese. The liver contains a lot of vitamin A and too much vitamin A is bad for your child’s health.
  • Sweets as little as possible! Cake and sweets contain a lot of sugar, which contains “empty” calories, or calories that do not contain any nutrients. Your baby does not need them and it only makes you fat!
  • Also be careful with soft drinks and fruit juices, as they contain many hidden sugars.
  • Avoid chips and other fatty snacks, they usually contain a lot of salt.
  • Eat 3 meals a day on a regular basis.
  • Do not skip meals, you only ‘snatch’ them.
  • Make sure you drink enough, 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Often thirst is considered hungry!
  • Choose sensible snacks, such as a piece of fruit, snack tomatoes or a bowl of yogurt.
  • Take your time to eat, chew well, enjoy your food.
  • Do you want to eat outside of your meals, wonder if it is necessary to eat something right away, can you really be hungry again?
  • Look for distraction, so usually the trek disappears.
  • Get moving! Walk at least an extra half an hour a day, thereby starting your fat burning. Also go swimming regularly.
  • If you follow these rules, you will gradually become familiar with a healthy lifestyle. In this way you can ensure that you arrive very limited during your pregnancy. After giving birth you are even a bit lighter than before, so: net weight loss!

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