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Does it just seem that way, or does that hair on top really get thinner? Where does all the hair in the shower drain come from? You used to have a thick bunch on your head, now it looks like you see your scalp through your hair! It often happens that hair becomes thinner at a certain age, just as certain patterns of baldness are common. There are different types of baldness, and there are some clear signs that indicate that you are becoming bald. Do not worry. There are some ways to treat baldness if you find yourself bald.

1-Assess your hair loss

1-Take a good look in the mirror. That there are some hairs on your pillow or in the shower drain does not mean that you will be bald. A receding hairline can be a sign that you are bald. But if entire strands of hair suddenly fall out, this can also have other causes. It is important to find the cause in those cases, because it can be a sign of an underlying health problem.

2- Understand that you always lose hair. . If you worry because you seem to be losing more hair lately, this information might reassure you. Know that there can be all kinds of causes that make your hair lose.

  • Assess the situation. Multiple factors can play a role if your hair falls out. . When you are in puberty, and your hair is slowly getting thinner, that is normal.
  • Patterns of baldness in your family can be a good indication of whether or not you will become bald early.
  • 95% of men’s hair loss is baldness according to the male pattern.
  • 40% of men lose noticeably more hair from the age of 35.
  • In women, baldness sometimes develops after the menopause.
  • Half of the men over the age of fifty experience a form of hair loss.

3-Assess how much stress you have. Stress can cause hair loss, both directly and indirectly, through a variety of biological mechanisms. By keeping your stress level under control you can limit related hair loss. If you don’t pay attention, stress is a danger to your health. We are not talking about small stress factors here, but about things that prevent you from sleeping or losing your appetite. [6] Try relaxing activities such as meditation, jogging, sports or yoga to keep the stress under control.

  • A common cause of baldness is an increased level of testosterone in the body, which can be caused by genetics and stress. [7] Try to undertake activities that reduce stress or do more fun things with your family. It has been proven that by relaxing more, the process of becoming bald can be delayed.
  • Your body is not just a number of separate parts that are stacked on top of each other. If you have experienced a traumatic event in the recent past, such as a sudden lifestyle change, the death of a loved one, or the loss of your job, you may lose more hair a few months later.
  • Oxidative stress, caused by exposing your body to free radicals, also appears to contribute to hair loss. Antioxidants contained in certain foods such as blueberries and green tea can minimize this type of stress. 4-Stop doing things that make you lose hair. Sometimes your hair falls out because of something you do yourself. Various hairstyles or hair treatments can damage your hair and scalp. Be careful that you do not become bald because you want to participate in fashion.
  • Hair that is raised too tight can be pulled out at the roots. If you like ponytails or pigtails, loosen them up. Then there is less tension on the hair roots. This type of hair loss is also called traction alopecia. [10]
    Too much use of hair treatments, paint and permanent can make your hair brittle and brittle, which may even make it fall out.

5-Note other changes to your body that may indicate hormonal fluctuations. Hair loss does not have to be related to the hereditary male pattern. It can also be caused by hormonal factors. A doctor can help you to examine your hormone levels.

Typical male or female patterns of baldness are caused by sex hormones that cause hair loss. Other hormonal factors that can cause temporary hair loss include pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or stopping the birth control pill.

6-Note other conditions. There are also medical factors that make your hair fall out – some are temporary, others permanent, depending on the type of problem and the severity of the disease.

Thyroid abnormalities sometimes cause hormone fluctuations that can lead to hair loss. Alopecia areata is a disorder of the immune system in which the body starts attacking hair follicles. If you notice that your hair is falling out in a pattern of smooth, round spots, this may be the case. [12] Scalp infections such as ringworm can also cause hair loss, but as soon as the infection is over, the hair usually starts growing again. If you suspect that one of these problems is causing your hair loss, go to your doctor.

7-Pay attention to the medicines you use. If you are currently treating a chronic disease such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression or osteoarthritis, the medicines you use may be responsible for hair loss. If you think this is the case, ask your doctor if there is an alternative medicine that does not have this side effect.

8-Watch your diet. A diet with too little iron and proteins can also lead to thin hair. A lack of the necessary nutrients prevents your body from functioning properly. Poor nutrition can indirectly cause hair loss. It is possible that your hair loss can be directly linked to your diet, then it can be remedied by eating healthier.

Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can lead to hair loss. [14] A crash diet can also play a role in hair loss, because your body gets a shock and a lack of nutrients. Your body simply sees this as starving.

2-Treat hair loss

1-Get medical help. If you discover that you are really bald, and that you cannot influence it at all, such as when it is caused by your genes, you can choose to accept it or you can try to do something about it. How effective the treatment will be depends on hereditary factors, your determination and your financial situation.

  • Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) is available without a prescription and helps with certain types of baldness. It can slow down hair loss, and in some cases even restore hair growth. However, minoxidil only helps on top of the head and not on the front. The side effects are irritation and unwanted facial hair growth.
  • Finasteride (Propecia) is available on prescription and must be taken orally daily to treat male pattern baldness. It slows hair loss, and in some people it makes the hair grow back. Side effects can include depression, reduced sex drive and sexual functioning and a low but present risk of prostate cancer. It may not be used by women of child-bearing age.
  • Hair transplantation works by transplanting small lumps of skin, each with a few hairs on it, from the back or sides of the head to the bald spots. This does not stop the hair loss, and it may need to be repeated from time to time as baldness recovers.
  • When bald scalp is reduced, pieces of bald skin are removed. Then the scalp that still has hair on it is drawn to those spots.

2-Wear a wig. Maybe you don’t feel like the pain of an operation, or you know your hair will grow back. For example, you may temporarily experience hair loss due to chemotherapy. Then there is a tried and tested alternative that has been used by both men and women for centuries: the wig.

  • Wigs come in all shapes, styles, colors and materials. You can try a few cheap wigs so that you know which models and colors suit you, or you can have a tailor-made wig made to look completely natural.
  • There are wigs of human hair, and they can be really beautiful – but there is a price tag.
  • There are certain charities, such as Haarwensen [19], which donate wigs to children with prolonged or permanent baldness. You can support this foundation by donating an amount or by donating your hair.

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