Best relationship love quotes 2019.

Love can be expressed in all kinds of ways; in your behavior, through your actions but of course also in words. In addition, everyone has their own way of expressing love for someone. One does it with a soft kiss on your forehead, the other with an annual gift and another sends you a love quote at random moments. How you express your love does not matter, it is about you doing it.

Love each other, but make
no agreement of love.
Let it be a sea that falls in between
the shores of your souls.
Fill each other’s cups, but drink
not from the same cup.
Feed each other but do not eat
of the same bread.

Kahlil Gibran

If you only have a smile, give it away to whom you love.

Maya Angelou

Now lie down dear in the garden,
the empty spots in the tall grass, I have
always wanted that to be me, an empty one
place for someone to stay.

Rutger Kopland

I affection you of who you truly are,
But for what I may be
When I’m with you.

Roy Croft

When I’m with you
we stay up all night.

When you are not there,
I can’t sleep.
Wonderful, two nights
lie awake, and it
difference between these two.


I would just
love you little
if i could say how much

Jan Vercammen

If you were a landscape that I could walk through,
stand still and look with my eyes open
and stretch out on the hard ground,
press my face on it and say nothing.
But most of you look like the big sky above,
where there is room for showers of light and dark clouds
and on the free wind between them,
who struggles in my hair and kisses my face
covered, without asking, without promising.

M. Vasalis

Once you trust yourself,
you will know how to
must love.


My love is
hidden from everyone,
exalted above all thinking,
bright as the moon,
radiant in my heart,
one to soul and body
with me.


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