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Marriages are not just the union of two people, it goes further. The fact that you want to spend your entire life with someone, to be part of their daily, and maybe even their, family is a task in itself. But if you have the love in your heart and a deep-rooted desire to accept your partner for whatever they are, then you know that your marriage will last.

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 The best and most beautiful things in this world are invisible and still, you can only feel them with your heart. ~ Helen Keller ~

Love is comfort in sadness, silence in turmoil, calm in turmoil, hope in despair. ~ Henry Drummond ~

Through caress we leave our childhood, but a single word of love, and we are reborn. ~ P. Éluard ~

 Touched by love, everyone becomes a poet. ~ Plato ~

Love is the greatest refreshment in life. ~ Pablo Picasso ~

Amor omnia vincit (love conquers everything)

The essence of love is to invite the other to be who he is.

I was looking for you, but I found myself. ~ Franz Grillparzer ~

Liefde is a fan club with only two members. ~ Adrian Henry ~

Beauty has become visible love. ~ Plato ~

Carpe diem, carpe noctem (seize the day, use the night)

If you really need love, she is ready for you. ~ Oscar Wilde ~

Marriage is a stormy sea for which no compass has yet been invented. ~ Heinrich Heine ~

Love is the patient architect who converts misunderstanding into understanding. ~ Nash Ogden ~

It is nonsense, the mind says.

It is ridiculous, says the pride.

It is impossible, the experience says.

It is what it is, love says.

~ Erich Fried ~

Love is on the way to find yourself in each other. ~ Toon Hermans ~

Love refreshes like sunshine after rain. ~ William Shakespeare ~

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