best country to live in for women.

Ever wondered how Belgium is doing compared to other countries in the field of gender equality? A new study – which happens to be a few days after International Women’s Day – just revealed the best country to live and live as a woman. And no, it’s not Belgium.

For the study, Nestpick, a website on which you can rent furnished apartments, analyzed 100 countries to find out in which country it is most pleasant for a woman to stay. Various variables were taken into account, such as the pay gap between men and women, life expectancy, figures on violence against women, legislation on equality, voting rights, educational aspects, etc. These results were then included in the Women’s Liveability Index of 2019.

Due to the high standard of living and their high-quality equality legislation, the Norwegians no doubt rank number 1. Sweden and Canada finish the top 3. Belgium is doing a lot less well and is only in 20th place. With this we let neighboring countries Germany (11), France (15), the Netherlands (16) and the United Kingdom (19) go ahead. Nigeria is in last place.
Voting booth

And although the pay gap is significantly lower in our country than in other countries (3.70% compared to 12.10% in the Netherlands and 7.12% in Norway, for example), we score less well in other areas. For example, women were only able to enter the voting booth with us in 1948, while in Norway it was already in 1913 and with our northern neighbors in 1919. We also score lower than average on standard living standards and health scores, with 7.95 compared to 8.93 for the standard of living and 8.80 compared to 9.56 for the health score.

Ömer Kücükdere, director of Nestpick about the study: “As more and more women move abroad to settle there or to work there, we wanted to create a handy tool that allows women to assess the potential quality of life in different countries. compare the entire world. In addition, we hope that the list is also a wake-up call for some policymakers to take even more actions to improve the living standards of all women. ”

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