6 things about weight loss and alcohol that happen when you no longer drink alcohol.

I read well before my complete dry period started, and I was promised golden mountains. Stopping alcohol would be a kind of holy grail for my skin and body. I would sleep better and not look on Monday as if I had died three times that weekend. I signed for.

Just to be clear: I belonged to the group “moderate drinkers” (according to the Jellinek clinic that comes down to one glass a day) with an outlier to “solid” on a single Friday or Saturday (or both). The week I stopped drinking, I tapped the 17 units of alcohol.

My problem: I throw everything in. People sometimes say: “I don’t like alcohol, I think the taste is nasty.” For me, that kite (unfortunately) does not apply. Give me turpentine and I drink it because it can make me drunk. Close nose and pour.

The reason I took on this challenge was because I could no longer justify it for myself. At least five days a week I am eating iron in the gym, to flush all my hard work in the weekend (weekend starts on Wednesday, right?) Within a few hours. If you do not know it yet: sports and alcohol do not mix. Here you can read why.

Did I keep it up? Yes. Did I learn anything from it? Hell, yes, read below.

1-It doesn’t make your life any less fun

You now think “no, shit Sherlock,” but I had the idea that my weekends would be a lot more boring without a tidal wave of alcohol. They weren’t. In fact, I have seen things that I would normally have missed, because I myself would also be in a vegetative state. (For example, I have heard a drunken friend (I will not mention names) make statements such as “I puke in my eyes!” And “I brush my tuft sometimes.” In short: no, being alcohol-free is not boring and yes, the deterioration of friends around you because of the alcohol is to scream. Never collected so much blackmail material (hi, Nathalie! Just kidding).

2-People have strange expectations

“Don’t you drink?” Are just a few questions that I got thrown to my head about 1345 on an average Saturday night. Drinking is the standard – something that is actually very bad. What to do as a non-alcoholic player when the bartender asks again if you “don’t have a good time”? Order a Fristi. Then they realize that they should not fuggle with you.

3-I didn’t lose a gram

Those 17 units per week that I would not drink (packed with a sh * tload of empty carbohydrates) were equivalent to around 2,040 (if you take wine as a benchmark) calories saved. You understand that I expected that after these forty days I had to be held on the ground with weights in my shoes. Not so: I didn’t lose anything. Can also be because I have compensated all unused liquid calories here and there with my friends Ben and Jerry. Professor Damon Raskin, specialized in addiction medicine, has an explanation for this: alcohol causes the release of dopamine. When no more dopamine flux is released into you (because you don’t drink, for example) you will compensate for this in another way. With sugar.
Incidentally, non-losing weight can also have everything to do with the following point, because:

4-Super-sayan gains

Yep, I noticed that my muscles benefited from standing dry. That’s why I probably didn’t notice it on the scales (because more muscles). Admittedly, I started training differently, so that will undoubtedly have something to do with it. Unfortunately, I don’t have exact data from my #gains (no circumference measured or fat percentage checked), and I’m not going to share mirror selfies with you either, so you’ll have to believe me on my word.
All males that I avoided made sure that I could be found fresh and fruity in the gym for many more mornings. Yep, a life without males is a beautiful life.

5-You have money left over

Alcohol is expensive. Coke light (or Fristi) not. This means that you can look into your wallet at the end of the evening without having a small heart attack.

6-I am a wiser person

Although it didn’t make me any prettier, younger, smarter, or slimmer, non-drinking has more benefits than going out for dinner at the pub. Reason enough for me to limit my alcohol consumption to one evening a week after these forty days. Cheers! On a whole mountain of new blackmail material.

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