5x pillow combinations with nice prints in the living room!

We probably all have this, you look at your living room and you think this can be done differently. Just something fresh, something new. Of course you can do a whole makeover, but that is not always necessary. The easiest way to get a completely different look is to change the cushions on the couch. By choosing other colors and prints, your interior immediately gets a different look.

The nicest cushions for the living room!
We went looking for the nicest – and not unimportant – affordable pillows with nice prints and ended up with Crazy on pillows! Here you will find a world of cushions with the most diverse designs, materials and colors.

1.Tropical mix

When you choose a number of colors, for example pink, yellow and blue, you can combine a lot of pillows with prints. By choosing a certain theme such as graphic or nature you can combine a lot of different pillows. Do you want it to look quiet and radiate unity? Make sure you also add some plain pillows and let the colors of the prints come back in here. Here you can see that the animal prints look great with prints of flowers and a pineapple. It’s all tropical and that’s why it fits together perfectly!

2.Bohemian vibes

If you want a bohemian atmosphere, kelims and aztec prints are indispensable. Add a nice basket with a plant to it, score some pampas grass at your local florist and your Bali interior is a fact! You can easily combine the prinst of these pillows because they all have the same style and finish. A fluffy faux fur pillow would also look great here.

3.Geometric design

Geometric or graphic prints are a nice way to comfortably dress your sofa. Do you like Scandinavian living style and do you prefer a neutral color palette? Then you can give it a little more zest by working with these prints!

4.Modern chic

You create a stylish mix and match of cushions by playing. For example with prints and materials. Velvet cushions with cotton, flowers with graphic, it’s all possible! Because you stick to a certain style – in this case modern chic – it does not look like a fuss, but it has become a tasteful whole. Colors that go very well together are pink, dark red and ocher yellow. If you combine this with black, you immediately get the modern chic style.

5.Retro prints

Were you born in the wrong decades and do you prefer to style your house with vintage things? Then, next to your recycled pearls that you have stuck in your house, retro cushions are definitely for you. No dusty prints, but very nice. From tulips to bananas it is all possible. Again applies, if you let the colors come back, then you can go wild with combining!

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