19 Bedroom interior design ideas

Is your bedroom not entirely satisfactory and are you looking for creative bedroom interior design ideas? Then you have come to the right place. We went completely crazy in this article and we have no less than 70! tips for you. “Where the enchantment and beauty occurs ;-)” is thus provided with the very best styling tips!

1 A poster wall

Decorate your wall with different photo frames with artworks in it. This is an easy and inexpensive trick to fill a large wall with different types of art.

2 Classic colors

Blue and white are the classic color combinations for a bedroom. Complete these two colors with different shades of white and blue, such as in decorative pillows, duvet covers, color accents and the walls. To give it a little spice you can also add a touch of green to the room.

3 Art on the wall

Avoid large empty walls, this makes the room empty and uninviting. Fill a large empty wall with a large work of art or a beautiful photo of a holiday.

4 Natural light

If your bedroom does not have much natural light, try not to cover the windows that you have with curtains or other systems. Try to let in as much daylight as possible.

5 A bedroom for two

Would a man like to sleep in a pink bedroom? Probably not. A bedroom must be a reflection of both of you. Ask your partner what he or she likes in a bedroom.

6 Romance

Create some more romance in your bedroom with soft pastel shades. These give peace and breathe a lot of atmosphere. By combining a wooden floor with a soft carpet it becomes a cozy whole.

7 For him and her

A nice twist on the bedroom is the mixing of male and female items such as a bedside table. Bedside tables do not have to be the same. You can both choose your own bedside table for next to the bed.

8 Stickers

Add something new to the bedroom with bedroom interior ideas such as wall stickers. For example with dots, but of course you can also choose for example a nice text, natural shapes or even animals.

9 The view

Always position your box spring in such a way that you keep the view to the outside as optimal as possible. Do not block your windows but ensure the maximum view from the bedroom.

10 Sit in style

The possibility to sit in a bedroom gives the room a cozy and inviting atmosphere, but make sure that it does not become a collection of things and clothing. Therefore, place a chair away from a wardrobe so that you do not feel tempted to dump your clothes there.

11 Spend time in the bedroom

Even though a bedroom is something of your own, it is also important to spend time here on furnishing the interior. You spend the necessary hours in this space, so make it into something fun.

12 Lighting

Lighting is very important in a bedroom. Create a relaxed atmosphere of lighting. Consider, for example, fixed lighting in the ceiling and mood lighting such as night lights. It is also always nice to have dimmers on everything so that you can adjust the atmosphere.

13 Look up

Also look at your ceiling. Is the ceiling finished or can it use a coat of paint? Also fix the ceiling because this gives the bedroom a completely different atmosphere.

14 Glamor

Would you like to add a little more luxury and glamor to your bedroom? Then opt for a large mirror or bedside table in a modern, sleek style.

15 Bedroom colors

If you are going to determine the color scheme for your bedroom, choose three coordinating colors. A number of popular combinations are: red, orange and yellow. Chocolate brown with blue and white. Honey yellow, dark wood and white tones.

16 A new look

Do you want to give a new touch to your bedroom quickly? Then replace the duvet cover with a new one. Add some new decorative pillows, a nice bedspread and you’ll find yourself in a new bedroom.

17 Fresh flowers

Every room should have fresh flowers, including the bedroom. The wonderful fresh scent of fresh flowers wakes you up in a relaxing way in the morning. A floral design as a duvet cover is of course also possible!

18 Mixing

Don’t stick to all the rules but mix with new decorations. Try a new combination in the bedroom that gives the interior a unique atmosphere.

19 Natural green

Green is a soothing color and a good choice for a bedroom. Green is an earthly color that evokes peace and reflection. Combined with white furniture, green provides the basis for a natural-style bedroom.

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