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Why Women Cheat

Why do women cheat on their partners?

Most men want to believe that their partners will never cheat on them. But unfortunately cheating is on the increase, so let’s take a lot at some reasons why women cheat in order to be able to prevent it from happening.

Why women cheat maybe a deceptively simple question it often has a very complex answer and as is often the case can often be prevented with good quality information as available right here.why woman cheat

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Women can often become bored with their daily life, often happy until something or someone ignites an awareness that something is missing in their life or at least the perception that something is missing.

This can be as simple as another male paying attention to her – in a way that makes her feel special or wanted.

A friend becoming single, going out and having fun with others may make a woman evaluate here own lives and want to feel the feelings they perceive their friends are feeling.

Having an affair with a new partner who finds her attractive and exciting may be compensation for the low self-esteem that she is feeling in her normal everyday life.

Affairs are exciting, because they involve exciting sex with a new person, and because it involves a considerable amount of ’sneaking around,’ hiding things from family and friends, essentially living a second life.

For some women, the excitement is so attractive that they are willing although sometimes unconsciously to lose their relationship in order to pursue an affair.

With the advent of the internet and sites like second life there is a new wave of cheating its easy to see why women cheat when it can start out very innocently online but develop on an emotional level and then that can often lead on to becoming physical.

Talking and listening to each other, continuing to develop your communication will help ease the painful feelings of hurt and jealousy and also help improve the basic relationship.

          To Summarize

  •  Affairs seem to be a common occurrence in today’s society. In fact, they seem as if they are increasing in popularity.
  •  Marriages used to work because people used to work at them. The first sign of trouble didn’t mean you should run out and find someone else to make you feel good
  • It all comes down to communication, developing a relationship where your partner is receiving what they need – not what you think they need. I can’t say it enough communication, communication and communication!

Imagine what it would feel like to know your partner would not cheat because together you are both meeting each others needs! Don’t you want that peace of mind?

Affairs hurt everyone, including in the end the one that cheated, however you can get over the hurt that an affair brings, but only if both partners are willing to be honest and open up, treating their relationship as a never-ending project that needs to be worked on consistently

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