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The Magic of Making Up Review

It’s got to be one of the most devastating and emotional times for any person to experience – breaking up with your partner. If your  reading this article it’s properly  because your searching for  ways, either to cope with the breakup and/ or try and get your ex back.

The thing I like about the magic of making up is that it’s a pretty simple plan, which if you stick with it, will give you a good chance of getting back magic of making uptogether with your love

The magic of making up gives you a complete step by step plan of the entire process from start to finish. Since timing is really important, a schedule is given which outlines when each specific step should be done.

Here’s how the information in the magic of making up is laid out

There’s a section about the understanding stage, you’ll discover core reasons why couples separate. Understanding these “love principles” is key to understanding what went wrong.

You will then work on the next stage which is getting your head on straight – How you can deal with your emotions so that you can be with your ex in a manner which will not push them further away, you cannot attract someone back to you when you’re feeling depressed, needy or angry. The magic of making up covers things that most people do, but you must absolutely avoid doing if you’re to succeed.

You will then learn to understand the particular difficulties that you and your lover face, knowing this will help you decide whether this relationship is worth fighting for. You will then continue on with the main strategy  which has proven tactics that deal with all sorts of contingencies.

These include:

  • The second chance letter – this is a bonus download from the magic of making up its around     20 pages.
     - This bonus explains how to write a “second chance letter” that can change your ex’s mind about finishing the relationship with you. Included is a pre-written letter that you can use as is, or you can rewrite it in your own words if you so choose. This letter is based on a lot of psychology that is woven into the letter, so be sure to check it out
  • The fast forward technique this is process that you repeat throughout the day. It enables you to “shift forward” past the psychological pain of breaking up.
  • The clean slate technique – this is more a life skill then a tactic to get your ex back, as the name suggests it’s to allow you to wipe the slate clean and start  fresh. Although it’s not a easy technique to master it is a skill that if mastered will help you to move on and get over past and future hurts in all areas of your life
  • There’s also a psychological trick that’s really easy to do called the instant reconnect technique this is a very subtle way of triggering your partner’s subconscious mind into thinking of the good times that you shared.

In summary this book will help you pinpoint what went wrong in your relationship and advises how to react to certain situations to get the best chance of having the magic of making up with your ex partner – he’s teaches psychological tips and methods that if used will be to your advantage.

 Even though the title is the magic of making up there’s no magic necessary just good old common sense that’s not so common!

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