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Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Here are some signs of an abusive relationship

•    Your partner often puts you down, sometimes in private and at other times in front of people

•    They say they love you but if you look solely at their actions they will tell you a different story.

•    You are feeling controlled by your partner – they may be reading your mail and texts and checking up on you
signs of an abusive relationship

•    Your partner wants you to be dependent on them and often manipulates you so you    feel you need to become more dependent on them.

•    You feel the need to become someone else just to try and please them.

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However If you are needing support to get out of your abusive relationship please call your local police station for support numbers

Signs of an abusive relationship are varied but you will often feel ill just being around them.  So, why would anyone end up in an abusive relationship?  Why would anyone want to be with someone who makes them feel physically or emotionally damaged?

Abusive relationships follow a pattern.  There’s the sweet  period, followed by a the downhill slide – often ending up in a huge fight, followed by the make up phase– at which point the cycle starts again.

When you first met a new partner, you are obviously in the lovely honeymoon stage.  It is not until further into the relationship that you start to recognise the signs of an abusive relationship.  At that stage, it can be very difficult to get out.

One reason is that many people in abusive relationships grow up seeing abuse in their homes.  As a result, they repeat the patterns of their childhood without even knowing they’re doing it. So, they may not know how a  great relationship is meant to be.

Often people who stay in these abusive relationships have low self esteem or suffer from depression.  The first step in getting out and staying out of an abusive relationship is to realize that you do have choices.

Once you realize that you have choices, you will need to start standing up for yourself.  In most abusive relationships, the abusive partner has taught you that it is entirely your fault.  Once you buy into this, it can be very difficult to either walk away from the relationship or set new limits that can heal the relationship.

For some people, working in abusive relationship counseling groups can help them either get out of or redefine these damaging relationships.Its important to take some action to change the relationship or get help as soon as there are any signs of an abusive relationship – the earlier the better!

The great news is that most people are able to break the cycles of abusive relationships if they seek help – the earlier the better.  Some of them will leave the abusive relationship and form a new healthy one, others are able to repair their relationship and stay in it.

The truth is that most relationships are able to be salvaged.  Sometimes it takes a little space.  Other times, it takes counseling.  But if both partners make an attempt, it is possible to renew the bonds in a healthy way.

The first decision you need to make is that the relationship must improve or you will leave.  If you aren’t willing to walk away, you’ll never be able to repair an abusive relationship.  This decision alone will start to change the abusive relationship into a happier healthier one.

A healthy relationship takes two people however you alone can start to make the changes needed to start the process. Check here for the online help to get your relationship on the right track.

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