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Sexual Chemistry

How can sexual chemistry be created? And what is it anyway?

Studies recently done suggest that sexual chemistry has a lot more to do with science and evolution than most people think.

We are unconsciously taking in and evaluating a whole realm of scents, that let us know when sexual chemistrya woman is fertile and when a man’s testosterone  levels are high – it’s all to do with the primitive survival of the species- evolution.

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So with this in mind, is there anything you can do to create sexual chemistry? Yes

If there is a  tiny spark there, then yes there are things that can be done to enhance this sexual chemistry.

Here are some tips to get you started

Women desire to be desired- keep this in mind when you have been with your partner for awhile and things get into a routine.

 There’s nothing like a man that will show a woman how hot and attracted they feel towards them. This can be as easy as showing her with stealing a kiss and whispering to her that she’s driving you crazy with desire, or a phone call in the middle of the day letting her know that just thinking of her is driving you nuts.

 Look your best – it may seem obvious to most people, but keeping clean is 101 of creating sexual attraction and because of the primitive survival of the species aspect of sexual chemistry DO NOT use to much perfume or aftershave either as this masks your natural scents.

 When you are meeting someone you feel attracted to for the first time, make sure your conversations are on a topic that they enjoy, don’t talk about yourself more than answering the questions they have about you.

- Have fun, plan your dates doing something fun that they enjoy – If that is adventure based then even better, adrenaline will only enhance the feelings of sexual chemistry

- Kissing – sharing a passionate kiss is very revealing – you learn a lot from a kiss as all your senses are engaged, you get a real feel of there sensuality. During kissing a man's hormone testosterone is also realized and testosterone is the sex hormone.

But what if you love someone but there has never been any sexual chemistry?

So can you create it if there is simply nothing there?  Well as for everything in life if you seek for information to the answers your looking for you will find them, I recommend you take a look at the lovemaking tips collected in this great e book below.

This will not only help you to add spice to your lovemaking but will also show you how to create the chemistry that you desire.

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