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Overcoming Jealousy

overcoming jealousy

Overcoming jealousy is it possible?

Is jealousy normal?

Is your jealousy ‘out of control’?

Learning to identify why you have intense feelings of jealousy, whether these emotions are truly justified or whether they are a part of your self defense mechanism is paramount to overcoming jealousy.

Overcoming Jealousy is easy when you know how -  find more information here.

On most occasions jealousy stems from underlying fears and insecurities  that you may be losing something or someone you love. Many times these fears are expressed in anger or emotional distancing.

 Unfortunately this overwhelming jealousy can be so self destructive that the jealousy itself can ultimately cause the loss to occur.

In cases such as this feelings of jealousy can appear to have been justified and reasonable – after all, you were right!  He or she did eventually break it off.

Taking the time to examine your own behaviour now is rarely undertaken. Recognising that the underlying cause of your relationship problems was your failure to overcome your jealousy is seldom undertaken once the relationship is ended and the period of grief begins.

Curiously intense jealousy is often attributed to the ‘depth of love’ you feel, however jealousy is not an expression of love. Jealousy is an expression of insecurity and low self esteem.

For those on the receiving end of jealousy, many will have difficulty in understanding why jealousy affects you so keenly, however they will suffer from the confusion that arises when you so strongly express your feelings of love and pleasure that they be ‘themselves’ but consistently fail to trust them beyond the confines of home.

The uncertainty of knowing exactly what might upset you becomes a prison that even the most besotted partner eventually wants to break free of.

So how can you overcome jealousy?

Good communication with your partner can help in overcoming jealousy. Jealousy is a problem that affects both parties of a relationship. Whether you are the jealous partner or on the receiving end, the friction this emotion causes within the relationship has the potential to destroy everything you hope to gain.

 Learning to express how you feel with your partner in a non accusing way, using tools and skills to overcome your jealousy and focusing on the freedom of individuality within the relationship will create a more enriching and supportive environment for both of you to continue to grow.

Now is the time – Overcoming Jealousy will set you free!

Now is the time to overcome your jealousy. You don’t need to be in a relationship to start working on getting your jealous emotions under control.

If jealousy might be a hurdle in your relationship now is the time to begin understanding why you feel this way, how you can express yourself positively to your partner so that they can help you feel more secure and how you can change your beliefs, build your self esteem and replace fear with confidence.

Overcoming your jealousy today will build a more trusting and confident tomorrow.

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