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Long Distance Relationships

Having  long distance relationships  as natural as running backwards along the highway with your pants down ;-) long distance relationships

So if you’re a true romantic that believes you have found your true love or your fiercely independent and want a relationship without having to see your partner daily you’ll need to be aware that it’s often difficult enough to have a long distance relationship when you’re in the same city let alone when your miles away – there are many reasons that you may end up in a long distance relationship and of course they can work.

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So whether it’s because you meet on holiday, online or you’ve been in a relationship that until now has been the standard relationship and now you’ve had a job offer, need to move to look after a family member or for quality schooling or for some other reason then the key to making your long distance relationship work will be great communication and learning various techniques that will make your relationship last the distance

Firstly let’s look at some of the pros and cons of having long distance relationships


  •  More individual freedom day to day
  • The together is quality time
  • More opportunities to learn -not only about yourself but also learn new skills, you can tap into hidden talents that you never knew you had.
  •  Excitement of a double life – at times out with friends wining and dining  doing what you want -  when you want to and at other times being domesticated having someone close to talk to, to lean on and build a future together

  •  Lack of daily touch
  •  Losing couple friends
  •  Missing milestones. Birthdays etc
  •  Trust issues

Long distance relationships are becoming more and more popular and thankfully with the advent of the internet and program’s such as msn and Skype you’re never too far away – even if it’s just virtually!

Realizing that you will have a few extra difficulties is essential – knowing how to overcome them is something that can be learnt and is all part of any developing relationship.

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Often one of the best things you can do in the initial stages of the relationship is to talk about what you both would like out of it – nothing to serious at first – just things like the frequency of visits -finding a workable solution to any of the logistics that could make that difficult such as travel costs and animal care it’s always easier to do at the onset finding a balance is dependent on what is financially viable, and how much time you can stand to spend apart.

Not seeing your partner to often can even make a struggling marriage work, I know a number of couples that were struggling living together and have adapted to living apart, it’s made their relationship stronger and they honestly believe that they would have divorced if they had not started living in a long distance relationship.  It may be unconventional but if it suits both parties and helps to keep a family together it may be a good option.

They often speak of feeling anxious when they get together, like it’s their first date – they have great expectations of how they are going to spend their time and often have their time planned out.

They refer to it as their “honeymoon time” and they get that every two weeks!

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