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How to Attract a Guy

 Have you considered yourself unlucky with guys?
 Do you seem to get no attention from the opposite sex?

If you have ever had trouble in getting men to notice you then maybe you have to rediscover the basics on how to attract a guy.

These are simple guidelines that can help you increase your chances in meeting Mr. Right.

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 Be Positive

No man wants to date a needy woman, a woman who complains in an effort to fish for compliments. Men cannot stand women who whine about every flaw in their body or gripe about their lives.

 So remove all the negative scripts in your head. Be positive. Let your confidence in yourself shine like an aura.

Self-confidence does not equate to being boastful. I do not mean that you should act conceited and talk endlessly about yourself. Get to know the guy find out what you can about him and when it’s your turn to talk about yourself make sure you call attention on positive points.

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Learn the Art of Subtle Flirtation

I am not talking about acting like a desperate chick throwing off “I’m available” hints like crazy. Whether you like it or not, knowing how to attract men requires that you put restraint in your flirting moves. Be subtle.

Subtle is sexy and men dig women who are refreshingly flirtatious without going overboard. Most men do not consider aggressive women when it comes to hooking up as long-term partners.

When out and about, smile and look approachable. If you are in a bar, mingle and talk by finding a seat at the bar. Be careful of your body language things like biting your nails or folding your arms can give the impression that you don’t want to be there.

Spend Time Outside Your Home

Now how can you attract men if you stay at home all the time? A lot of women get up in the morning, go to work, go home in the afternoon and spend time in front of the TV in the evening. There are those who stay inside even during the weekends. This sort of routine will not get you anywhere if you know how to attract men.

Go to new, exciting places, meet new people. Bars are not the only places for you to get a chance to meet men. Join a club, the gym or local organizations. The concept is that you have to appear in places where you can meet men who are compatible with you, and that certainly will not happen if you stay at home all the time.

Make an Effort to Look Attractive

Let’s face it. Attraction starts with physical appearances so you positively have to put your best foot forward in this aspect. Look in the mirror and locate your best physical assets. Never mind the imperfections, focus on what you can flaunt.

Next, dress so that you draw attention to your assets. Wear flattering ensembles which downplay your physical shortcomings. Apply make up that will compliment your facial features. Be comfortable in whatever outfit you are wearing.

Most importantly and above all else, love yourself first for who you are. Men will notice and respect you for it.

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