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Fear of Intimacy

Fear of intimacy can be overcome once the fear of rejection is removed. The fear of intimacy involves a reluctance to open up and reveal your true self to others.

Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past?  Or grew up in a family environment that was unemotional?

Either way you would fear of intimacy never have learned how to be vulnerable and be able to express your inner feelings to your friends or your lover.

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If you’ve grown up in this environment then it stands to reason that you may have a hard time opening up now, this shouldn’t be an excuse though, as once you have identified your fear then change is possible and fear of intimacy can be a thing of the past.

Fear of intimacy is often the result of some early childhood wound like being rejected or betrayed. If as a child or young adult if you were emotionally betrayed or even if one of your parents was betrayed by the other you may have grown up with intimacy issues.

Here are several ideas that can help to remove that fear of intimacy.

Fear of intimacy can be both physical & emotional. Although it may be more prominent in one area. Fear of intimacy physically motivates some people to pursue casual sexual relationships. For them, one night stands are less risky than being involved on a level with someone that they are emotionally involved with.

Fear of Intimacy is a frequent culprit in failed marriages so understanding your fear and finding ways to move past it, no matter which side of the relationship you are on, can help move you into a closer, deeper relationship. Intimacy situations will not have to be something to pull away from.

Write a list of all the benefits you will gain from being more open with your partner. Write down all the cons that could happen if you aren’t more intimate. Knowing your outcome (goal) will help you to keep focussed on the reason why you are changing your ways

Be an example of what you want. Seek to give rather than to receive, changing your focus onto your partners needs will naturally get you thinking more about their feelings rather than your own destructive thoughts.

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When you start to feel like pulling away from your partner and putting a wall up - examine your thoughts – it’s a great help to write those down, you can then examine each one and logically think about why you thought this – was it just old thought patterns? Is there any logic to it? How does it make you feel and if you continue to feel this way how will that show in your relationship?

As we become more conscious of our thoughts we are able to revaluate them and begin to change them consciously so that they can be an asset to us instead of holding us back in our personal relationships.

Remember in life we either change to avoid pain or to gain pleasure so your job through writing your thoughts down and examining them is to find leverage. See pain in holding on to your limiting beliefs and pleasure in what changing them will bring. Fear of intimacy will soon be a thing of the past

Communication is the key in any relationship and that includes the most important one – the one with yourself, developing your communication skills is essential I highly recommend that you take the time to learn new skills such as those found here to overcome your fear of intimacy now!

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