Why Do A Couple Of Doubts Arise, And What Can You Do?

Fear of the future. There are times when doubts about the partner are the expression of a personal fear that is not recognized immediately but is channeled through a diffuse uncertainty about the future of the relationship.

OCD of loves. There is a little known type of obsessive disorder, love OCD, which can be the cause of doubts in the couple. People with love OCD are obsessed with not knowing if they love their partner. Any stimulus, such as a song or a movie, can trigger the obsession by comparing your partner or what they feel with the idealized idea of ​​what a relationship should be or what they should feel.

Be specific

Being specific about the problems that are creating tension in the relationship is the first step in tackling them at their root.

Establish quantifiable objectives

The marriage counselor can help you set concrete and achievable goals so that you can develop new skills along the way, and can set higher goals as you progress through the level.

Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is an important part of couples therapy, and learning to forgive can save your relationship.

Recognize patterns in your family history

The marriage counselor can help identify these behavior patterns to develop a healthier response to your current situation.

Know your personality

The assessment of your personality is a part of the marriage therapist process. It will help you determine your personality’s specific attributes that may be aggravating the conflict you are experiencing.

Do your homework!

By this, she means that you have to make an effort in the therapist’s office, but you also have to make an effort in the family home.