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500 Love Making Tips Review

Reviewer: Tracey Todd

Website Reviewed: 500 love making tips & secrets

One of the biggest challenges facing couples in long-term relationships is trying to500 lovemaking tips keep their lovemaking passionate and exciting. Early on in a relationship, the passion and newness of your lovemaking is always unforgettable; but,as that initial newness fades, it becomes easy to slip into a boring sex life – but this doesn’t have to happen to you.

So is 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets ” by Oprahs love expert and acclaimed author Michael Webbthe right book to bring back the fire?   Here’s my opinion on it.

This book starts with a general understanding on lovemaking, briefly discussing topics like adult toys, adult films, the importance that romance brings to lovemaking, and interesting truths about Kama Sutra. It also contains a guide to lubrication and fully illustrated lovemaking positions in the back of the book. This is all great information, but the best part of it in my view is the 500+ love making tips.

I really loved that you can open the book, choose a page and have at your finger tips 8 ­to 10 easy-to-read tips ready to get your mind going and put to use right away.

No need to read  through lots of long-winded paragraphs. Everything is put together neatly and is very easy on the eyes. This is a big bonus when you just want a few new ideas to put into practise at bed time!

So, what about the actual lovemaking tips?

This book is a golden treasure chest of ideas with over 500 lovemaking tips in total.

Ranging with ideas from different games you can play to make foreplay more fun to oral sex tips for both females and males. It also has tips to make intercourse feel better and unique and tips on ways to surprise your partner  like walking around after a shower with just a towel on and different ways you can play together.

 I especially liked learning some new places to make love that most people would never have thought of. While I didn’t find all the tips exciting, I certainly found more than enough that appealed to me and have added them to my own collection.

As the tips are all mixed together, it can get a little overwhelming. So I recommend you skim through it a few times rather than trying to read the whole book in one sitting – and it’s a great book to refer back to often.

This book also promises not to contain any immoral, degrading or perverted ideas that unfortunately some books have.

In summary, while not all the tips in the book amazed me, it’s still the most complete book of tips and ideas on creating and in some cases reclaiming your exciting love life that I’ve ever read. Nothing else comes close. I found it an enjoyable read with tips that were easy to implement

So if you’re out to improve your lovemaking and make it exciting again or even if you just want some tips for more pleasure, then I can highly recommend this book to you.

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